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Since 2006

Since 2006, we have developed advanced, efficient and accessible technologies so that more and more aesthetic and health professionals can provide a complete service in their offices. In 2021 we will release several new products for you. Follow our social networks so you don't miss any event.

X70 xdent

A bit of history

We've been doing a job we're proud of for 15 years. As our name suggests, we are known for our X -Ray equipment manufactured in Brazil. However, despite being our specialty, Xdent goes beyond.  

We support and encourage innovation , we participate with other large businesses in the region in the establishment of the Supera Technology Center , initially called the Center for Development and Applied Innovation in Medical, Hospital and Dental Equipment (CEDINA).

In partnership with health and dentistry specialists, we launched an innovative and fundamental instrument for dentists, physicians and beauticians, the Serena . It offers a number of advantages during surgical interventions.

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